BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota

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BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota

Students normally get confused as to which degree or professional course to undertake in order to build up a good career base. Simply stated, what to do after 12th is a common query that students tend to face once they reach 12th standard. Parents are also worried about the career options for their children that will set a good platform for them to become successful in life. Through this blog we shall be highlighting about Why BBA? Benefits of pursuing BBA course? We assist in BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota.

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BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota

What is BBA Course all about?

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

A BBA degree is an undergraduate academic programs offered by business schools or by business faculties in universities. Business programs are offered at schools around the world and feature a wide range of concentrations. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration gives students solid foundations in the understanding of business, as well as the critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills necessary to take an MBA. Many universities around the world offer BBAs, online, part time as well as on campus.

The BBA is a three-year undergraduate degree that covers a number of fields within business administration and commerce, this program then allows students to choose one or more areas of concentration, from Accounting to Strategic Management and more. Bachelor of Business Administration programs offers not only ideal bedrock for a rewarding career in business administration, but also the core pre-requisites for continued business higher education.

There are many benefits to obtaining Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Academically, students benefit by gaining a broad range of knowledge about all facets of the business world. Pupils acquire knowledge about theory, practices, law, ethics, statistics, human resources, consumer trends, and e-business.

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration?

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

A Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate business degree offered at business schools and universities around the globe. This program may focus on a specialized area of business and commerce, or may provide a broad foundation giving students the chance to decide on a concentration after beginning their studies. Bachelor of Business Administration graduates are highly qualified to enter the working world or continue their education in a graduate-level program.

What are the benefits of pursuing BBA?

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

Bachelor of Business Administration programs prepare students for a successful career in a wide range of business-,commerce- and management-related fields. Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs also tend to be more practice-oriented than some other undergraduate programs, often requiring student to complete projects or internships that provide first-hand learning opportunities in the field. Graduates from Bachelor of Business Administration programs are highly sought after, both in the workplace and in academia.

What kind of career improvement can you expect in your career?

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

Graduates from Bachelor of Business Administration programs tend to be more employable and enter the workforce at a higher starting salary than others without an undergraduate degree. For those with working experience already under their belt, a BBA can only help with upward career mobility, helping to secure a promotion or a more interesting job. BBA programs focus on developing valuable skill sets that translate well into the workplace, such as effective communication, decision making, creative problem solving and leadership skills.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed to impart business and management knowledge to aspiring student for a better understanding of the corporate world. The program blends four core disciplines of business, management, communication and information system. In addition, this program enables students for drawing a prospective career map in the field of Business management.
B School approaches business education to foster academic excellence, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills among the leading MBA colleges in Bangalore.

As a center of knowledge, the B school prepares students to stay ahead of developments and skill base needed for success in the fiercely competitive world of business. Higher management education spans functional and industry boundaries and is shaped by student aspirations, abilities and skills employers expect from management graduates.

Graduates of this program will have job opportunities in Retail, Banking, Finance, Insurance, IT, Marketing Research, Recruitment, Manufacturing and Consultancy sectors. Students are also groomed to take up entrepreneurial ventures with business incubation support. Many MNCs, private companies, Government and NGOs looking for multi-disciplinary skills at managerial positions provide good opportunities for students in the areas of Marketing, Finance, HR, Business Analytics and Operations Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration is the basic platform of someone who is serious of getting through to a good MBA programme. This Bachelor in Business Administration lays the bases of your management education. This course is of more important to students from a non commerce as it brings them on terms with the basics in Business Administration.

Bachelor’s of Business Administration is a three year degree program. This degree aims at providing fundamental education in business and management principles. The course allows students to specialize in one of the multiple specialization areas, such as international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing or accounting. BBA programs can offer practical management training that can prepare students to successfully work within a large or small organization.

Scope after studying Bachelor of Business Administration

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

A BBA gets you entry-level positions in many corporations and factories. You would do lot of backend work, and provide support services to your seniors. Exceptional candidates could expect to do some customer interface, though it is very rare. Also invariably, you would hit the glass ceiling very fast, and would require an MBA to move up the ladder.

Since the degree will equip a student of Bachelor of Business Administration with the basic knowledge about corporate management and skills it will help them understand the diverse functioning of a company. Bachelor of Business Administration graduates can look for jobs in sales and marketing department of companies as members of sales teams or as management trainees.

After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, students should consider broadening their horizon in order to qualify for top executive positions and promotions. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate-level degree that is often desired by employers for positions such as CEO or COO. Doctoral programs are also available in business administration, which can prepare business professionals for work as consultants, executives or university professors.

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Top BBA Colleges in Pune

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

1. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune
2. Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT SOM), Pune
3. Bharti Vidyapeeth University, Pune
4. Brihan Maharashtra college of commerce, Pune
5. Ness Wadia College Of Commerce, Pune
6. Institute Of Management And Entrepreneurship Development, Pune
7. Indra College
8. Flame University
9. International School of Business and Media
10. DR. D.Y. Patil Arts Commerce & Science College
11. Sinhgad Institutes
12. MITCON Institute

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore

( BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges under Management Quota )

1. Christ University (Autonomous), Bangalore
2. Alliance University , Bangalore
3. CMS Jain University , Bangalore
4. St. Joseph’s Commerce College (Autonomous), Bangalore
5. Institute Of Finance & International Management , Bangalore
6. Mount Carmel Institute Of Management , Bangalore
7. MS Ramaiah Institute Of Management , Bangalore
8. Presidency College
9. Acharya institute of Management
10. Dayanand Sagar Institute
11. PES Institute Of Technology(PESIT)
12. Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College(SBMJC)
13. Kristu Jayanthi College
14. The Oxford College of business Management
15. Jyoti Nivas College For Women (Autonomous)
16. Garden City College
17. CMR Institute
18. Surana College,
19. New Horizon College
20. Don Bosco college of science and Management

Studying in top colleges is everyone’s dream. Value of your BBA study totally depends on the university or the colleges you choose. Choosing the best and right college is a very important task. There are ‘N’ numbers of BBA Colleges in India. You should also crack entrance tests in order to get BBA Direct Admission in Top Colleges by Management Quota.

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