Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission

Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission

Enroll for Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission, Bangalore empowers you to choose the correct path in this professional career. Our course curriculum has been designed carefully to engage the graduates in understanding management and legal principles in the right proportion. We can be contacted at Ace1Guru +91-9742479101(Ankit Mishra) / +919742886036 (Anis)/+91-9035556036 (Mayur Gautam)/Alliance University Bangalore- Direct Admission

Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission

Alliance University was set up in Karnataka State in 2010 and it is a Private renowned University located in Bangalore. The University is acknowledged by both UGC (University Grants Commission) and AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), New Delhi. The University possesses baccalaureate concentrations, various certificate programs, doctoral programs and postgraduate programs.

Alliance University, ASL is approved by BCI (Bar Council of India), New Delhi. The school is focused on imparting smart-class learning in governance and law practice. In order to achieve this goal, the teaching pedagogy and curriculum is planned very carefully to prepare graduate students in comparative law, international and domestic law subjects. Students of the ASL learn mandatory subjects. They need to select their subject from vast elective subjects of unparalleled range. ASL also offers some subjects based on the procedural and substantive law. The attorney-graduates acquire mandatory lawyer skills through practical activities and legal, clinical programs. ASL, Alliance University provides a one-year full-time LL.M. (Master of Law) degree in the field of Administrative and Constitutional Law and Commercial and Corporate Law. This course is designed to build up legal principles and research expertise on the basis of law among graduates.

The Alliance School of Law, Bangalore provides five-year, two integrated UG courses in law

  • B. (Hons.) (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law Honors) and
  • A LL. B. (Hons.) (Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Law Honors)

Why Alliance School of Law: ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

  • It offers integrated courses with specialization at honors-level
  • One year full-time LL.M. course in two specializations: in Commercial and corporate law and in Administrative and Constitutional Law
  • Progressive, contemporary, relevant and rigorous curriculum
  • Run by highly-qualified faculty and adorned by reputed international faculty and jurists
  • Innovative education comprising experiential learning, interactive and case-based teaching
  • Moot Court hall is designed for court sessions and to simulate the court proceedings
  • Magnificent infrastructure
  • Facility of scholarship for eligible students
  • Library is well-equipped with number of world-class legal digital resources
  • Placement in renowned firms and legal companies and Internship opportunities

Eligibility Criteria/Cut-off for Admissions 2019 

For BA.LLB and BBA.LLB: ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

  • 10+2 or equivalent examination from a govt. approved board with a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate (40% marks for SC/ST candidates).

For LLM: ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

  • B./B. L. or any other graduate degree in Law recognized by Bar Council of India with a minimum of minimum 45% marks in aggregate (40% in case of candidate belonging to reserved category).

Centers for Research: ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

  • Alliance Center for Communication and Internet Law (ACCIL), a center that engages academicians, jurists and practitioners in research and training on cyber at ASL, Alliance University, proposed to start the one-year, mixed-mode, Post Graduate Diploma in Cybercrime and E-commerce (PGDCEL) course.
  • The course is aimed at preparing its graduates for rewarding careers in various legal roles and responsibilities, while it comprehensively builds and reinforces in them the proficiency skills of legal expertise and an in-depth conceptual understanding of cyber laws and its applications to the protection, infringement and commercialization of digital information in a global context.
  • Graduates undergo rigorous training on the statutes and case law that define and explain cybercrime as also their relevance to privacy, piracy, authentication, consumer protection and strategies for network protection in a global context.
  • PGDCEL is a carefully crafted course where graduates gain practical insights and academic perspectives on cybercrime and e-commerce and study subjects such as e-contract and cyber tort; electronic and mobile commerce; the jurisprudence of electronic communication and cyber space; electronic communication crimes and cybercrimes; intellectual property and the electronic and digital environment; electronic evidence; cyber forensics and technology court, among others.
  • While PGDCEL is designed as a classroom-based program of study, it provides unmatched flexibility and classroom interactivity to students and working professionals who are unable to pursue a full-time program in cybercrime and e-commerce, by offering an online mode of study.

Top 7 Benefits of Choosing Law Career

Wide Selection of Career( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

The biggest advantage of becoming a lawyer is that you have a wide range of career selection options. You can apply on many posts announced in public and private sector. You can become anything you want.

Financial and Emotional Rewards( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

Being a lawyer is no less than a luxury because you can earn both financial and emotional rewards at the same time. According to a survey, the experts came out with the figure that on average lawyers earn per year. That figure was 180 thousand dollars and even more than that in most of the cases.

Positive Intellectual Challenges ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

When a lawyer starts working in any firm or even open his own business organization, he will practice by dealing with different cases on a daily basis. While dealing with them, he is required to switch from one to another to find the best possible way to get his client out of trouble. Other than this, he needs to deal with other enforcement agencies, police officials, the opposition party, etc.

Argue and Debate ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

Another amazing benefit of becoming a lawyer is that you learn how to debate and argue. This ability helps the lawyer win the cases for his clients in the courtroom. In the start, it takes time to learn this skill as very few people have natural ability to do it successfully. But, once the lawyer practically enters this filed, he learns this amazing skill of arguing peacefully and win it in a very convincing way.

Work Environment ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

Whatever the career a person may choose in his life, the most concerned thing is how much comfortable working environment he will get after joining it. For lawyers, the working environment comfort and satisfaction is even more important. Unlike other professions, they cannot afford to have a cubical type of office; rather they need a proper four-walled office in which they can manage their work, files and most importantly their privacy.

Flexibility ( Alliance School of Law Direct Law Admission )

The profession of lawyer is very unpredictable, in many ways and due to which most of them do not like this profession. These people who have law firms then like to hire employees and divide the work between them to create balance and flexibility in work. Unlike other businesses, it is possible in case of law career that you can do this. If, for instance, you are stuck in some other case, you can assign the other cases to your employees who will handle the clients, their complaints, register the new cases.

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